Centers of Excellence

Free the humans in the front office so they can focus on high value work.

  • This practice has collectively automated 580,000 hours of manual work across IT, HR, Learning, Finance, Marketing, Risk, Legal and Compliance in common Enterprise applications such as SAP, Saba, Salesforce, PeopleSoft, Workday, etc.
  • A key offering is “COE in a box” (Center of Excellence). We can install one quickly for you, run it or hand it over when you’re ready.
  • Our RPA operations experts know how to support deployments that have hundreds of bots. They also know how to help organizations that have started their automation journey but struggle to scale past 10 bots (a common issue).
  • Our Practice Engineers are certified in the top automation applications. They are also skilled in languages and integrations as they sometimes represent better automation alternatives.

Get the most from enterprise tools, reduce data deluge and increase actionable intelligence.

  • This practice has helped numerous Fortune 500 organizations rationalize their toolsets to build automation readiness and implement many types of AIOps platforms.
  • Our Practice Engineers are collectively certified in the majority of available toolsets. They design dashboards that ingest data from multiple sources across the enterprise, feeding real-time alerts, automating triggers, providing proactive decision support and artificial intelligence.
  • A key offering is Customer Journey. This practice has helped organizations define hundreds of journeys and tie dependent systems to them. They have successfully given IT and Business silos a collective view into the Customer Experience. Click here to receive free sample visuals.