Reactive to Proactive IT Operations

Our customers are overwhelmed with raw data and events from tools, with limited resources to generate actionable insights.  Our Engineers have experience in data center architecture and operations and have built strong relationships with Infrastructure hardware and software vendors. They understand your endpoints and are experts in building the most value from your investment.

  • Monitoring Tool Strategy – we build a monitoring architecture based on your business services needs
  • Hybrid Discovery – today’s infrastructure is complex; we find coverage solutions no matter how esoteric parts of it may be
  • Synthetic Monitoring – we create solutions to monitor transaction-level performance of web-based applications providing insight into areas that negatively impact the user experience
  • Incident Automation – there are a myriad of ways to automate. We provide a strategy so you’re not left with automation technical debt
  • Self-Healing – we can dramatically reduce manual effort and improve MTTR. Our thought leaders are experts in anything from simple resolution workflows to complex machine learning implementation
  • Customer Journey – most enterprises are hyper-focused on the customer experience. We have created game-changing dashboards that bring IT and the business together to understand how IT components impact the customer, and ultimately, revenue and market share

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